Easy Chicken Coop Plans for Small Flocks

Are you looking for easy chicken coop plans? Building your own chicken coop, aka chicken house, is an excellent way to get the best chicken housing at the best price.

There is no reason to spend over a thousand dollars on chicken housing when you can make it for so much less. You’ll probably be amazed at how easy it is to make a good coop when you have easy chicken coop plans to follow.

The photo to the right shows a medium size coop with a built-in nesting box and roosting area. The chickens can scratch around on the ground during the day, or you can let them out of the coop when there are no chicken predators lurking about.

The drawing below shows a small, portable chicken coop with an attached chicken run that gives a couple hens plenty of room to live and run around as they like. You can move the coop daily, using the wooden handles, to give them continual access to fresh grass. This gives you the benefits of free range chickens without the predator problems.

This is what those easy chicken coop plans look like when they are built. There is enough space for a hen or two (or three small bantam hens) as well as a small door on the outside for your convenient access to the coop. It has a good nesting box, also with exterior access to collect eggs.

This is truly a simple  chicken coop for raising backyard chickens . If you only need a couple eggs a day, and enjoy having a pet chicken that can eat grass and bugs around your backyard, this could be an ideal setup for you. There is really no need to build or buy more coop than you can use. Stick with simple plans that detail, step by step, how to make the living area you need for your hens.

While some rudimentary woodworking experience and past power tool use is helpful, easy chicken coop plans are designed so that if you can read them, you can build them. Enlist the help of a more experienced friend or hire a handyman to help with the framing if you have trouble doing it yourself — you’ll still save a large sum over purchasing the already-constructed coops.

A small investment in quality plans, your time, and good building materials will yield a strong, sturdy coop that will last years — even decades — providing affordable housing and protection to your chicken flock.

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