Moving a Chicken Coop and Chicken Flock

We moved a short distance almost a year ago, necessitating the move of our chicken coop and flock of hens.

Moving the hens was something we did ourselves and quite easy to accomplish; for the large Amish chicken coop, we paid the Mennonite coop builder who delivered it to us originally, to move it five miles down the road to our new home.

Our chicken coop in its original location a  few years ago:

And here it is at our new home:

We have a scratch yard and a gate to access it; our eggs are easy to collect because the front of the coop is outside the fence.

Moving Egg Laying Chickens

To move the hens, we waited until the early morning while the hens were still roosting for the night, and gently caged them all with minimal fuss.

We brought the crates via truck to our new location, and let them go in the pen area we’d prepared.

Later that day, our coop mover brought the coop to the new location, and we had him place it in the right spot and we attached the gate to the existing pen.

It worked well, probably because we moved only a short distance. For longer moves, it would honestly make more sense to sell the coop and flock and buy a new one in your new location.

Here is what our coop looked like this winter in one of our beautiful snowstorms:

Now I am probably going to get hate mail for posting a snow picture, after the awful winter we had, in May!

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