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25 May 2019

What’s inside a chicken egg

The inside of a chicken’s egg is more than just a yolk and the white. In addition to the shell, yolk and a two-part egg white we are all familiar with, there are also several membranes, an
19 May 2019

Small Chicken Breeds for Eggs & as Pets

Small chicken breeds are known as Bantams, and are enjoyed both as pets and novelty birds as well as smaller-scale producers of eggs and meat. Bantam hens are about one-fourth the size of regular chickens, and their
19 May 2019

Why Portable Chicken Coops Are Ideal

Portable chicken coops are ideal for backyard farmers desiring the benefits of pastured eggs. You can keep a small flock in a small amount of space and then move them around. The mobility is helpful in several
16 May 2019

Raising laying Hens for Self-Sufficiency

As a hobby, raising laying hens is making a comeback in backyards across America as families discover how rewarding a small chicken flock can be on many different levels. Productive laying chickensĀ can provide fresh eggs for eating,
14 May 2019

Moving a Chicken Coop and Chicken Flock

We moved a short distance almost a year ago, necessitating the move of our chicken coop and flock of hens. Moving the hens was something we did ourselves and quite easy to accomplish; for the large Amish
12 May 2019

Fun Chicken Coop Ideas You’ll Love

Here are a just a few fun chicken coop ideas. If you talk to people who own chickens, you will find that most enjoy customizing their backyard coops to look and feel unique. In some cases, one-of-a-kind
11 May 2019

All About Egg Laying Chickens for beginners

Raising egg laying chickens, for beginners, may seem daunting at first. But in my experience, chickens are oneĀ of the easiest and most rewarding farm animals to have. Their needs are few and their care, simple and straightforward.
10 May 2019

Easy Chicken Coop Plans for Small Flocks

Are you looking for easy chicken coop plans? Building your own chicken coop, aka chicken house, is an excellent way to get the best chicken housing at the best price. There is no reason to spend over
9 May 2019

Best Chicken Bedding for coops

The purpose of chicken bedding for coops is to provide a soft material for nesting boxes and an absorbent covering on the floor of the coop. However, not all materials are equal when it comes to bedding
8 May 2019

Egg Laying Hens for Home Flocks

Searching for the best egg laying hens can actually be fun. Any hen will lay some eggs, and some breeds lay more eggs than others. The different breeds also have different personality traits, so to speak, which